Yue Whatt Trading Sdn Bhd
Lot 990, Batu 8 1/2,
Jalan Skudai,
81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.



Crusher Run

Coarse Sand 粗沙

Medium Sand 中沙

Mixed Sand 参沙


Double Brick

Facing Bricks

Common Solid 红砖

2 and 1/2 Inches Hollow Block

UCO Chemerah Plus Decoceil

UCO Superflex Ceiling Flat Board 天花板


Colored Cement

CL-Bond G3 强力胶灰

Pentens F1000

Cement Loose Packs

Decorating Stone 花设砖

Decorating Stone 花设砖

Beam 横

Beam 横

Wooden Door / Pintu Papan

PVC Folding Door

Solid Door

Door Papan

Metal Door Frame 33 inches

Metal Window Frame 2' x 2'

Wooden Window Frame 2' X 6'

Wooden Window Frame 2' X 2'

Galvanized Fencing


Anti Climb and Anti Cut Fence

4 Inches Half Glazed Channel


Sponge 12"

Deform Bar Bender

Stretch Film


BRC Variations

BRC Wire Mesh

BRC Wire Mesh A7

BRC Wire Mesh A8

Monier V-Pipe

Monier Toplight Tile

Antique Red

Atlantic Blue

Rubber Roofing Nails

Ceiling Nails

Wire Nails

Wire Nails



Sweep Bend / Elbow (45 Degrees)

Gutter Joint-in and Joint-Out

Plywood 三夹板


Metal Roofing

Big Ridge

Humedex Corrugated Sheets

HDPE Septic Tank




Tenalised Wood 药水木 / 杀油木

Mix Untreated Wood 杂木 / 什木


Square PE Tanks


SikaTop Seal-107



G.I. Plain Sheet 32G


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