Yue Whatt Trading Sdn Bhd
Lot 990, Batu 8 1/2,
Jalan Skudai,
81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.


Hardware Misc.

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Sponge 12"

Deform Bar Bender

Stretch Film


Oiled Washers

Flat Showel Head

Paper Coil

Nylon String

Iron Hinge

Iron Door Bolt


Manhole Cover

Brickwork Reinforcement Mesh ש

Silicone Gun

Asphalt Roofing Felts

G.I. Wire

Toilet Bowl

Xtraseal Awning & Roofing Caulk

Xtraseal Acetoxy Silicone

PVC Glue / PVC Gum

PVC Corner Bead, Groove Joint and Others

Plastic Water Tap

Mortice Door Lock Gold

Door Locks Bronze

1 - 24 of 41

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